Transitory Provisions

(1) The incumbent President of the Republic whose term of office expires during the month of November 1991, may, prior to that date, organize early elections, be they presidential, legislative, or both at the same time.

In case only early presidential elections are held, the current term of the National Parliament expires at the same time as that of the new President of the Republic elected in accordance with the present paragraph.

In case only early legislative elections are held, the term of the President of the Republic ends at the same time as that of the newly elected National Parliament.

(2) The decrees pertaining to the early elections provided for by this Article must include the convening of the electors for new elections within a maximum period of thirty days.

(3) The newly elected National Parliament must convene within eight days after the proclamation of the election results.

(4) The term of the incumbent President ends upon the proclamation of the results of the early presidential elections.

(5) The legislative term of the current National Parliament ends on the day of the convening of the new National Parliament.