The Fundamental Social and Economic Basis of the Union

Article 13
The Union and the member Emirates shall co-operate, within the limits of their jurisdiction and abilities, in executing the provisions of this Part.

Article 14
Equality, social justice, ensuring safety and security and equality of opportunity for all citizens shall be the pillars of the Society . Co-operation and mutual mercy shall be a firm bond between them.

Article 15
The family is the basis of society. It is founded on morality, religion, ethics and patriotism. The law shall guarantee its existence, safeguard and protect it from corruption.

Article 16
Society shall be responsible for protecting childhood and motherhood and shall protect minors and others unable to look after themselves for any reason, such as illness or incapacity or old age or forced unemployment. It shall be responsible for assisting them and enabling them to help themselves for their own benefit and that of the community.
Such matters shall be regulated by welfare and social security legislations.

Article 17
Education shall be a fundamental factor for the progress of society. It shall be compulsory in its primary stage and free of charge at all stages, within the Union. The law shall prescribe the necessary plans for the propagation and spread of education at various levels and for the eradication of illiteracy.

Article 18
Private schools may be established by individuals and organisations in accordance with the provisions of the law, provided that such schools shall be subject to the supervision of the competent public authorities and to their directives.

Article 19
Medical care and means of prevention and treatment of diseases and epidemics shall be ensured by the community for all citizens.
The community shall promote the establishment of public and private hospitals, dispensaries and cure - houses.

Article 20
Society shall esteem work as a cornerstone of its development. It shall endeavour to ensure that employment is available for citizens and to train them so that they are prepared for it. It shall furnish the appropriate facilities for that by providing legislations protecting the rights of the employees and the interests of the employers in the light of developing international labour legislations.

Article 21
Private property shall be protected. Conditions relating thereto shall be laid down by Law. No one shall be deprived of his private property except in circumstances dictated by the public benefit in accordance with the provisions of the Law and on payment of a just compensation.

Article 22
Public property shall be inviolable. The protection of public property shall be the duty of every citizen. The Law shall define the cases in which penalties shall be imposed for the contravention of that duty.

Article 23
The natural resources and wealth in each Emirate shall be considered to be the public property of that Emirate. Society shall be responsible for the protection and proper exploitation of such natural resources and wealth for the benefit of the national economy.

Article 24
The basis of the national economy shall be social justice. It is founded on sincere co-operation between public and private activities. Its aim shall be the achievement of economic development, increase of productivity, raising the standards of living and the achievement of prosperity for citizens, all within the limits of Law.