Article 120
The Union shall have exclusive legislative and executive Jurisdiction in the following affairs:-
  1. Foreign affairs.
  2. Defence and the Union Armed Forces.
  3. Protection of the Union's security against internal or external threat.
  4. Matters pertaining to security order and rule in the permanent capital of the Union.
  5. Matters relating to Union officials and Union judiciary.
  6. Union finance and Union taxes, duties and fees.
  7. Union public loans.
  8. Postal, telegraph, Telephones and wireless services.
  9. Construction, maintenance and improvement of Union roads which the Supreme Council has determined to be trunk roads. The organization of traffic on such roads.
  10. Air traffic Control and the issue of licences to aircraft's to aircraft's and pilots.
  11. Education.
  12. Public health and medical services.
  13. Currency board and coinage.
  14. Measures, standards and weights.
  15. Electricity services.
  16. Union nationality, passports, residence and immigration.
  17. Union properties and all matters relating thereto.
  18. Census affairs and statistics relevant to Union purposes.
  19. Union Information.
Article 121
Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding Article, The Union shall have exclusive legislative jurisdiction in the following matters:
Labour relations and social security; real estate and expropriation in the public interest; extradition of criminals; banks; insurance of all kinds; protection of agricultural and animal wealth; major legislation's relating to penal law, civil and commercial transactions and company law, procedures before the civil and criminal courts; protection of cultural, technical and industrial property and copyright, printing and publishing; import of arms and ammunitions except for use by the armed forces or the security forces belonging to any Emirate; other aviation affairs which are not within the executive jurisdiction of navigation on the high seas.

Article 122
The Emirates shall have jurisdiction in all matters not assigned to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Union in accordance with the provisions of the two preceding Articles.

Article 123
As an exception to paragraph 1 of Article 120 concerning the exclusive jurisdiction of the Union in matters of foreign policy and international relations, the member Emirates of the Union may conclude limited agreements of a local and administrative nature with the neighboring states or regions, save that such agreements are not inconsistent with the interests of the Union or with Union laws and provided that the Supreme Council of the Union is informed in advance. If the Council objects to the conclusion of such agreements, is shall be obligatory to suspend the matter until the Union Court has ruled on that objection as early as possible.
The Emirates may retain their membership in the OPEC organization and the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries or may join them.

Article 124
Before the conclusion of any treaty or international agreement, which may affect the status of any one of the Emirates, the competent Union authorities shall consult that Emirate in advance. In the event of a dispute, the matter shall be submitted to the Union Supreme Court for ruling.

Article 125
The Governments of the Emirates shall undertake the appropriate measures to implement the law promulgated by the Union and the treaties and international agreements concluded by the Union, including the promulgation of the Local Laws, regulations, decisions and orders necessary for such implementation.
The Union authorities shall supervise the implementation by Emirate's Governments of the Union Laws, decisions. Treaties, administrative and judicial authorities in the Emirates should forward to the Union authorities all possible assistance in this connection.