Article 137
Every attack upon any member Emirates of the Union shall be considered an attack upon all the Emirates and upon the existence of the Union itself, which all Union and local forces will co-operate to repel by all means possible.

Article 138
The Union shall have army, navy and air forces with unified training and command. The commander in Chief of these forces and the Chief of the General Staff shall be appointed and dismissed by means of a Union decree.
The Union may have A Union Security Force.
The Union Council of Ministers shall be responsible directly to the President of the Union and the Supreme Council of the Union for the affairs of all these forces.

Article 139
The law shall regulate military service, general or partial mobilization, the rights and duties of members of the Armed Forces, their disciplinary procedures and similarly the special regulations of the Union Security Forces.

Article 140
The declaration of defensive war shall be declared by a Union decree issued by the President of the Union after its approval by the Supreme Council. Offensive war shall be prohibited in accordance with the provisions of international charters.

Article 141
A Supreme Defense Council shall be set up under the chairmanship of the President of the Union. Among its members shall be the vice president of the Union, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Union, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Finance, Interior, the Commander in Chief and the Chief of the General Staff. It shall advise and offer views on all matters pertaining to defense maintenance of the peace and security of the Union. Forming of the armed forces, their equipment and development and determination of their posts and camps.

The Council may invite any military adviser or expect or other persons it wishes to attend its meetings but they shall have no decisive say in its deliberations. All matters pertaining to this Council shall be regulated by means of a law.

Article 142
The member Emirates shall have the right to set up local security forces ready and equipped to join the defensive machinery of the Union to defend if need arises, the Union against any external aggression .

Article 143
Any Emirate shall have the right to request the assistance of the Armed Forces or the Security Forces of the Union in order to maintain security and order within its territories whenever it is exposed to danger. Such a request shall be submitted immediately to the Supreme Council of the Union for Decision.
The Supreme Council may call upon the aid of the local armed forces belonging to any Emirate for this purpose provided that the Emirate requesting assistance and Emirate to whom the forces belong agree.
The President of the Union and the Council of Ministers of the Union collectively, may, if the Supreme council is not in session, take any immediate measure which cannot be delayed and considered necessary and may call Supreme Council; into immediate session.