Article 144
1. Subject to the provisions of the following paragraphs, the provisions of this Constitution shall apply for a transitional period of five Gregorian years beginning from the date of its entry into force in accordance with provisions of Article 152.
  1. If the Supreme Council considers that topmost interests of the Union require the amendment of this Constitution, it shall submit a draft constitutional amendment to the Federal National Council.
  2. The procedure for approving the constitutional amendment shall be the same as the procedure for approving laws.
  3. The approval of the Federal National Council for a draft constitutional amendment shall require the agreement of two-thirds of the votes of members present.
  4. The president of the Union shall sign the constitutional amendment in the name of the Supreme Council and as its representative and shall promulgate the amendment.
3. During the transitional period, the Supreme Council shall adopt the necessary measures to prepare a draft permanent Constitution to take the place of this temporary constitution.
It shall submit the draft permanent Constitution to the Federal National Council for debate before promulgating it.
4. The Supreme Council shall call the Federal National Council into extraordinary session at a time not more than six months before the end of the period of validity of this temporary Constitution. The permanent Constitution shall be presented at this session. It shall be promulgated according to the procedure laid down in paragraph 2 of this Article.

Article 145
Under no circumstances, may any of the provisions of this Constitution be suspended, except when Martial Law is in force and within the limits specified by this law.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, sessions of the Federal national council may not be suspended during that period nor may the immunity of its members be violated.

Article 146
In case of necessity defined by law, Martial law shall be declared by a decree promulgated with the approval of the Supreme Council on the basis of a proposal made by the President of the Union with the consent of the Council of Ministers of the Union. Such decree shall be notified to the Federal national council at its next meeting.
Martial law shall be similarly lifted by decree issued with the approval of the Supreme Council when the need, for which it was imposed, no longer exists.

Article 147
Nothing in the application of this constitution shall affect treaties or agreements conclude by member Emirates with states or international organizations unless such treaties or agreements are amended or abrogated by agreement between the parties concerned.

Article 148
All matters established by laws, regulation, decrees, orders and decisions in the various member Emirates of the Union in effect upon the coming into force of this Constitution, shall continue to be applicable unless amended or replaced in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.
Similarly, the measures and organization existing in the member Emirates shall continue to be effective until the promulgation of laws amending them in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.

Article 149
As an exception to the provisions of Article 121 of this Constitution, the Emirates may legislation's necessary for the regulation of the matters set out in the said Article without violation of the provisions of Article 151 of this Constitution.

Article 150
The Union authorities shall strive to issue the laws referred to in this Constitution as quickly as possible so as to replace the existing legislation's and systems, particularly those which are not consistent with the provision of the constitution.

Article 151
The provisions of this Constitution shall prevail over the Constitution of the member Emirates of the Union and the Union laws which are issued in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution shall have priority over the legislation's regulations and decisions issued by the authorities of the Emirates.
In case of conflict, that part of the inferior legislation which is inconsistent with the superior legislation shall be rendered null and void to the extent that removes the inconsistency. In case of dispute, the matter shall be referred to the Union Supreme Court for its ruling.

Article 152
This Constitution shall take effect from the date to be fixed in a declaration to be issued by the Rulers signatories to this Constitution.
Signed in Dubai on this day the of July 1971, corresponding to this day the 25 th of the month of Jammed Awal 1391.