Fees, Salaries, etc., of Certain Public Officers in Houston County.

The legislature of Alabama may hereafter, from time to time, by general or local laws, fix, regulate and alter the fees, commissions, allowances and salaries, including the method or basis of their compensation, to be charged or received by the tax assessors, tax collectors, probate judges, circuit clerks, sheriffs, and registers of the chancery courts, and including the right to place any one or all of said officers on a salary and provide for the fees charged and collected by said officers to be paid into the treasury from which their salaries are paid, and provide the method and basis of their compensation, or consolidate any of said offices in the following named county: Houston. All acts of the regular session of the legislature 1943 heretofore passed and applicable, or purporting to fix the compensation of said named county officers, on a salary basis, are hereby validated and confirmed.