Miscellaneous Provisions


Holding state and federal office at same time; holding two state offices at same time.

No person holding an office of profit under the United States, except postmasters, whose annual salaries do not exceed two hundred dollars, shall, during his continuance in such office, hold any office of profit under this state; nor, unless otherwise provided in this Constitution, shall any person hold two offices of profit at one and the same time under this state, except justices of the peace, constables, notaries public, and commissioner of deeds.


Compensation of civil officers not to be increased or diminished during term for which elected or appointed.

The salary, fees, or compensation of any officer holding any civil office of profit under this state or any county or municipality thereof, shall not be increased or diminished during the term for which he shall have been elected or appointed.


Duty of legislature to enact laws to effectuate Constitution.

It is made the duty of the legislature to enact all laws necessary to give effect to the provisions of this Constitution.


Validation of certain acts relating to bonded debt of state; governor authorized to act thereunder.

The act of the general assembly of Alabama entitled "An act to consolidate and adjust the bonded debt of the State of Alabama," approved February 18th, 1895, and an act amendatory thereof entitled "An act to amend section 6 of an act to consolidate and adjust the bonded debt of the State of Alabama, approved February 18th, 1895," which said last named act was approved February 16th, 1899, are hereby made valid, and both of said acts shall have the full force and effect of law, except in so far as they authorize the redemption before maturity of the bonds authorized by said acts to be issued. The governor is authorized and empowered to act under the same and to carry out all the provisions thereof; provided, that the bonds authorized to be issued by said acts and issued thereunder may be made payable at any time, not exceeding fifty years from the date thereof, and shall not be redeemable until their maturity.