Section 1. Composition

Section 1. A militia shall be provided and shall consist of all persons over the age of seventeen (17) years, except those persons who may be exempted by the laws of the United States or of this state. The militia may be divided into active and inactive classes and consist of such military organizations as may be provided by law.

(History: As Amended November 3, 1936; November 5, 1974).

Section 2. Commander-in-chief

Section 2. The Governor is Commander-in-Chief of the militia and other military forces of this state.

(History: As Amended November 5, 1974).

Section 3. Adjutant general

Section 3. There shall be an Adjutant General, who shall be appointed by the Governor.

(History: As Amended November 5, 1974).

Section 4. Conscientious objectors

Section 4. No person, conscientiously opposed to bearing arms, shall be compelled to do so in the militia.

(History: As Amended November 5, 1974).

Section 5. Repealed
(Repealed November 5, 1974).

Section 6. Repealed
(Repealed November 5, 1974).