Compensation of Public Officers


The compensation of all elective and appointive state, county, and municipal officers who do not fix their own compensation, including judges of courts of record and the justice courts may be increased during their terms of office to the end that such officers and judges shall each severally receive compensation for their services in accordance with the law in effect at the time the services are being rendered. The provisions of Section 25 of Article II (Amendment 35), Section 25 of Article III (Amendment 31), Section 13 of Article IV, Section 8 of Article XI, and Section 1 of Article XXVIII (Amendment 20) insofar as they are inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed. [AMENDMENT 54, 1967 House Joint Resolution No. 13; see 1969 p 2976. Approved November 5, 1968.]

Reviser's note: (1) Amendment 49 (1967 SJR No. 5) and Amendment 54 (1967 HJR No. 13) each added a new Article XXIX to the Constitution. Amendment 49 is carried herein as Article XXIX while Amendment 54 has been herein re designated as Article XXX.
(2) The name of this Article has been supplied by the reviser.