Inviolability of the Constitution


Article 250
This Constitution shall not lose its effect even if its observance is interrupted by force or it is repealed by means other than those provided herein. In such eventuality, every citizen, whether or not vested with authority, has the duty to collaborate in the re-establishment of its effective validity.

Those who are found responsible for the acts mentioned in the first part of the preceding paragraph shall be tried in accordance with this Constitution and laws enacted in conformity with it, as shall the principal officials of governments subsequently organized if they have not contributed to the re-establishment of its force and effect. Congress may decree, by decision approved by an absolute majority of its members, the confiscation of all or part of the property of such persons and of those who have been unlawfully enriched under the protection,***** the usurpation, in order to indemnify the Republic for the damages it has incurred.