Basis for Amending the Constitution and General Provisions


Article 156
The President of the Republic and the House of Representatives have the right to request an amend one or more articles of the Constitution. The request must mention the articles that require amendment, the reasons and justification for this amendment. If the request was issued by the House of Representatives it must be signed by a third of its members, and in all cases, the House shall discuss the principle of amendment and take a decision only with a majority of its members. If the request is rejected, another request for the amendment of the same articles may not be submitted until the lapse of one year. If the House of Representatives agrees to the principle of the amendment, the House shall discuss the articles which require amendment after a break of two months. If three quarters of the House agree on the amendment, it shall be presented to the people in a general referendum. If the absolute majority of those who vote are in favour of the amendment, the amendment is considered valid as of the date of announcing the results of the referendum.

Article 157
A supreme, independent and neutral committee shall administer, supervise and monitor the general elections and general referenda. The law shall specify the number of the members of the committee, the conditions they should meet under and the method for nominating and appointing them. The law also shall specify the jurisdictions and the functions of the committee in a manner that secures the best fulfillment of its functions.

Article 158
The President of the Republic shall be elected for the first time following the approval of constitutional amendment by the House of Representatives. Nomination for the post of the President of the Republic must be by a quarter of the members of the House of Representatives. The one who wins the majority of the members of the House of Representatives is considered the President of the Republic.

Article 159
The text of the constitutional oath to be sworn by the President of the Republic, his deputy, members of the House of Representatives, Chairman and members of the government, shall be as follows:

I swear by Allah Almighty the Great to adhere to Quran (the Book of God) and his Prophet's Sunnah (Traditions) to faithfully safeguard the Republican system, to respect the Constitution and law, to fully take care of the interests a and freedoms of the people, to preserve the unity of the homeland, its independence and the integrity of its territories.