The Defense Forces 96: Defence Forces and command thereof

CHAPTER X THE DEFENSE FORCES 96: Defence Forces and command thereof

  1. For the purpose of defending Zimbabwe, there shall be Defence Forces consisting of an Army, an Air Force and such other branches, if any, of the Defence Forces as may be provided for by or under an Act of Parliament--
  2. The supreme command of the Defence Forces shall vest in the President as Commander-in-Chief and, in the exercise of his functions as such the President shall have power to determine the operational use of the Defence Forces.
  3. Subject to the provisions of subsection (2) and any Act of Parliament, the Defence Forces shall be under the command of a Commander.
    Provided that an Act of Parliament may provide that the different branches of the Defence Forces, or any one or more of them, shall be under the command of different Commanders.
  4. The Commander of the Defence Forces, and every Commander of a branch of the Defence Forces, shall be appointed by the President after consultation with such person or authority as may be prescribed by or under an Act of Parliament.
  5. An Act of Parliament shall make provision for the organization, administration and discipline of the Defence Forces, including the appointment of persons to offices or ranks in the Defence Forces, their removal from office or reduction in rank, their punishment for breaches of discipline and the fixing of their conditions of service.
97: Defence Forces Service Commission
  1. There shall be a Defence Forces Service Commission which shall consist of--
    1. a chairman who, subject to the provisions of section 74 (3), shall be the chairman of the Public Service Commission; and
    2. not less than two and not more than seven other members appointed, subject to the provisions of subsection (2), by the President.
  2. The persons to be appointed under subsection (1) shall be chosen for their ability and experience in administration or their professional qualifications or their suitability otherwise for appointment, and at least one such member shall be a person who has held senior rank in the Defence Forces for periods which in the aggregate amount to at least five years.
98: Functions of Defence Forces Service Commission
The functions of the Defence Forces Service Commission shall be to tender such advice and do such other things in relation to the Defence Forces as are provided for by this Constitution or by or under an Act of Parliament.
[Chapter as substituted by section 9 of Act 4 of 1993 with effect from 1.7.1994]