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Jalgaon District is located in the north-west region of the state of Maharashtra. It is bounded by Satpura mountain ranges in the north, Ajanta mountain ranges in the south. Helpline law helps you to find a competent attorney to resolve your legal matters therefore it gives you a single platform to make hassle-free hunting of professionals in your city.


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Our deep connects at Jalgaon help find the right lawyer or law firm that will fit your exact needs. The list below is indicative & a very exhaustive range of lawyers & law firms would be scanned to help you find the ‘right’ fit.


Padmakar Babulal Jain

 Padmakar Babulal Jain  is a leading provider of Legal Services and Consultancy that delivers real t

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Jalgaon is rich in volcanic soil which is well suited for cotton production. It is a major business center for tea, gold, pulses, cotton and bananas. It is known as "Banana City of India" as the region contributes approximately two-thirds of Maharashtra's banana production. It is also known as a gold city as it produces maximum gold in the country.

District court & Session court Jalgaon is the legal body of the city. In any legal matter, first priority is to find an advisor who thinks out of the box and tries to find a way in any complex situation or whose approach is innovative and creative towards resolving the issue.  
Hence, Helpline law gives you the data of such legal advisors and helps you to find a suitable lawyer according to your requirements competent in every legal domain. If you are looking for a lawyer or expert senior advocate in Jalgaon City, you can submit your query on  http://helplinelaw.com to connect with the best law professionals in your city. Jalgaon Lawyers on our database have assisted clients with full integrity on civil, corporate, taxation, real estate, labor & employment, divorce, family, banking, mergers & acquisition, criminal, consumer protection, cybercrimes, etc. matters in the recent past. We have a very pragmatic approach to handling cases to deliver results that exceed client expectations. Our proactive team focuses on each and every client to understand their concerns & legal needs before affixing them with the apposite lawyer. Our objective is to liberate our clients from the complicated legal obligations in the limited time & fee budget.

Hierarchy of Courts in Jalgaon

District Courts

District & Sessions Court, Jalgaon Address: Mahatma Ghandi Road, opposite Shivaji Putla, Jalgaon, Maharashtra 425001

Economy of Jalgaon city is mostly depends on agriculture, manufacturing, industrial and service sectors. Situated in the north-western part of Maharashtra, Jalgaon is a city that is best known for the gold produced in the city. Jalgaon is supposed to have the purest form of gold which is sold at a great price. 
We understand your anticipation for help in any legal domain, therefore, helpline Law is one of the most sorted and reliable platform for legal services & solutions in Jalgaon. The database of Jalgaon Lawyers on Helpline Law consists of knowledgeable & diligent lawyers who use modern & progressive techniques to assist both domestic & international clients. We endeavor to offer full-fledged legal assistance and guidance in a gamut of legal matters.