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Chapter : Chapter 35 TRANSIENT MERCHANTS.
Section 34-35-1

Section 34-35-1

As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the following meanings ascribed to them, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

(1) TRANSIENT MERCHANT. Any person that transacts transient business in this state either in one locality or by traveling from place to place in this state. The term includes a merchant who for the purpose of carrying on such business, hires, leases, uses, or occupies any building, structure, motor vehicle, railroad car, or real property.

(2) TRANSIENT BUSINESS. Any business conducted for the sale of merchandise or services that is carried on in any building, structure, motor vehicle, railroad car, or real property for a period of less than six months in each year.

(3) PERSON. An individual, corporation, association, partnership or other entity.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-693, p. 1114, §1.)Section 34-35-2

Section 34-35-2
Exemptions from chapter.

(a) The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to:

(1) Civic and nonprofit organizations, wholesale sales to retail merchants by commercial travelers or agents selling in the usual course of business;

(2) Wholesale trade shows or conventions;

(3) Sales of goods, wares, services or merchandise by sample catalogue or brochure for future delivery;

(4) Fairs and convention center activities conducted primarily for amusement or entertainment;

(5) Any general sale, fair, auction, or bazaar sponsored by a church or religious organization;

(6) Garage sales held on premises devoted to residential use;

(7) Sales of crafts or items made by hand or sold or offered for sale by the person making the crafts or items;

(8) Duly licensed flea markets operating from a fixed location;

(9) Sales of agricultural products, except nursery products and foliage plants; or

(10) Sample sales made by a seller at residential premises under an invitation issued by the owner or legal occupant of the premises.

(b) A transient merchant not otherwise exempted from this chapter is not exempted from this chapter because of a temporary association with a local dealer, auctioneer, trader, contractor or merchant, or by conducting the transient business in connection with or in the name of any local dealer, auctioneer, trader, contractor or merchant.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-693, p. 1114, §2.)Section 34-35-3

Section 34-35-3
Requirements for transacting business.

A transient merchant may not transact business in any county in this state unless the merchant, and the owner of the merchandise or provider of the services to be offered, if the merchandise is not owned or the services are not provided by the merchant, has secured a license in accordance with this chapter and otherwise complied with this chapter.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-693, p. 1114, §3.)Section 34-35-4

Section 34-35-4
Application for license.

(a) A transient merchant who desires to transact business in a county in this state must apply for and obtain a license in each county in which the merchant desires to transact business. The license application shall be filed with the probate judge and must include:

(1) The name and permanent address of the transient merchant making the application;

(2) A statement describing the kind of business to be conducted, the length of time for which the applicant desires to transact the business, and the proposed location of the business;

(3) The name and permanent address of the applicant's registered agent or office; and

(4) Proof that the applicant has acquired all other required city, county and state permits and licenses.

(b) If the applicant is an association or a corporation, the applicant must also include the names and addresses of the members of the association or the officers of the corporation. If the applicant is a corporation, the application must state the date of incorporation and the state in which it was incorporated. If the applicant is a corporation organized under the laws of another state, the applicant must state the date on which the corporation qualified to transact business as a foreign corporation in this state.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-693, p. 1114, §4.)Section 34-35-5

Section 34-35-5
Forms for license applications, certificates, and renewals.

The tax assessor in each county shall prepare appropriate forms for license applications, license certificates and license renewals issued under this chapter.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-693, p. 1114, §5.)Section 34-35-6

Section 34-35-6
Registered agent; list of transient merchants and their registered agents; procedure where no agent designated or agent cannot be found.

(a) Each applicant for a transient merchant license shall designate a registered agent on the license application. The registered agent must be a resident of the county and shall be the agent on whom any process, notice, or demand required or permitted by law to be served on the licensee may be served. The registered agent must agree in writing to act as the agent. The license applicant shall file a copy of the agreement with the license application.

(b) The probate judge of each county shall maintain an alphabetical list of all transient merchants in the county and the names and addresses of their registered agents.

(c) If a transient merchant who does business in a county fails to have or to maintain a registered agent in that county, or if the designated registered agent cannot be found at the stated permanent address, the probate judge is the agent of the transient merchant for service of process, notices, or demands. Service on the probate judge is made by delivering to his office duplicate copies of the process, notice or demand. If such a process, notice or demand is served on the probate judge, the probate judge shall immediately forward one copy by registered or certified mail to the permanent address of the transient merchant. This section does not limit or otherwise affect the right of any person to serve a process, notice or demand in any other manner authorized by law.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-693, p. 1114, §6.)Section 34-35-7

Section 34-35-7
License fee; bond.

(a) Each applicant for a transient merchant license must include a license fee of $250.00 with the application, to be deposited in the county treasury that issues the license. The license applicant must also execute a cash bond or a surety bond issued by a corporate surety authorized to do business in this state in an amount that is the lesser of $2,000.00 or five percent of the wholesale value of any merchandise or services to be offered for sale. The surety bond must be issued in favor of the state and must be conditioned that the applicant will pay all taxes due from the applicant to the state or to a political subdivision of the state, any fines assessed against the applicant or the applicant's agents or employees for a violation of this chapter, and any judgment rendered against the applicant or the applicant's agents or employees in a cause of action commenced by a purchaser of merchandise or services not later than one year after the date the merchandise or services are sold by the applicant.

(b) The transient merchant must maintain the bond during the period that the merchant conducts business in the county and for a one-year period after the termination of the business. After the transient merchant furnishes satisfactory proof to the probate judge that the merchant has satisfied all claims of purchasers of merchandise from or services offered by the merchant, and that all state and local sales taxes and other applicable taxes have been paid, the bond shall be released.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-693, p. 1114, §7.)Section 34-35-8

Section 34-35-8
Issuance of license; not transferable; validity; expiration; renewal.

(a) The probate judge shall issue a transient merchant license under this chapter only if all requirements of this chapter have been met. The license is not transferable, and is valid only within the territorial limits of the issuing county. A license expires 90 days after the day of issuance.

(b) A license may be renewed on payment of a $25.00 renewal fee and filing for renewal with the probate judge before the expiration of the current license.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-693, p. 1114, §8.)Section 34-35-9

Section 34-35-9
Violations of chapter.

Any person who knowingly or intentionally operates a transient business without a valid license as provided by this chapter, or who knowingly or intentionally advertises, offers for sale, or sells any merchandise or services in violation of this chapter, shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-693, p. 1114, §9.)

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