Usa Alaska

USA Statutes : alaska
Title : Health, Safety, and Housing
Chapter : Chapter 62. Certificates of Fitness

The department shall issue orders and adopt regulations necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

A person, either an employer or employee, who violates a provision of this chapter or of a regulation adopted under this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, is punishable by a fine of not more than $500.

The department may cancel a certificate for cause. A certificate, if not cancelled for cause, is valid for the term it was issued for. A certificate holder whose certificate is about to expire may apply for a new certificate.

The department shall issue certificates of fitness and renewal certificates of fitness valid for two years. The certificate may be issued only to an individual. An applicant for a certificate shall apply in writing, under oath, on a form prescribed by the department containing

(1) the name and address of the applicant;

(2) the applicant's age;

(3) the applicant's citizenship; and

(4) other information relevant to licensing that the department requires.

(a) An applicant shall pay a nonrefundable application and examination fee of $50 when applying for a trainee or journeyman level certificate of fitness. The department shall charge a biennial fee of $200 for the issuance of a trainee or journeyman level certificate or a renewal certificate, to be prorated if issued for less than two years, and a fee of $25 for the issuance of a duplicate certificate.

(b) Fees collected under (a) of this section shall be deposited into the building safety account created under AS 44.31.025 .

In connection with work performed subject to the standards established in AS 18.60.580 and AS 18.60.705 , a person may not be employed without a certificate of fitness to perform the work, except that a certificate of fitness may not be required of employees of an electric utility that does not have within its service area any portion of a city or unified municipality having more than 2,500 population.

A person engaged in one of the following trades shall first obtain from the department the appropriate certificate of fitness in that trade:

(1) electrical wiring subject to the standards established in AS 18.60.580; and

(2) plumbing subject to the uniform plumbing code; in this paragraph, 'uniform plumbing code' means the minimum plumbing code adopted for the state under AS 18.60.705 .

(a) If, upon investigation and examination by the department, the applicant is found competent by reason of training and experience, the department shall issue a certificate of fitness. The certificate shall set out the competency of the applicant and provide for positive identification of the applicant, and shall be carried on the person engaged in work subject to the requirement of a certificate of fitness under this chapter.

(b) [Repealed, Sec. 23 ch 81 SLA 1984].

(c) Verification by an Alaska-based labor union of a member's qualification to meet the requirements for a certificate of fitness may be accepted in lieu of examination or other requirement for issuing a certification under this chapter.