Usa Alaska

USA Statutes : alaska
Title : Marital and Domestic Relations
Chapter : Chapter 15. Husband and Wife

A conveyance, transfer, or lien executed by one spouse to or in favor of the other is valid to the same extent as between other persons.

A husband or wife may appoint the other as attorney in fact to control or dispose of property, and may revoke the appointment to the same extent and manner as other persons.

Repealed or Renumbered

All laws that impose or recognize civil disabilities upon a married person that are not imposed or recognized as existing as to the other spouse are repealed. For any unjust usurpation of property or natural rights a married person has the same right to appeal individually to all courts for redress that the other spouse has.

A married person may make contracts and may incur liabilities, and the contracts and liabilities may be enforced by or against the person to the same extent and in the same manner as if the person were unmarried.

When property is owned by one spouse, the other has no interest that makes the property liable for the contracts or liabilities of the spouse who is not the owner of the property, except as provided in this chapter and AS 34.77.

Repealed or Renumbered

Subject to AS 34.77, if one spouse obtains possession or control of property belonging to the other, either before or after marriage, the owner of the property may maintain an action for it, or for any right growing out of it, in the same manner and to the same extent as if they were unmarried.

Subject to AS 34.77, neither spouse is liable for the debts or liabilities of the other incurred before marriage, and, except as otherwise provided, neither is liable for the separate debts of the other, nor is the rent or income of the property of one spouse liable for the separate debts of the other.

Subject to AS 34.77, the property and pecuniary rights of a married person at the time of marriage or afterwards that are acquired by gift, devise, or inheritance are not subject to the debts or contracts of the other spouse, and a spouse may manage, sell, convey, or devise the property and pecuniary rights that by will are separate property of that spouse.