Usa Alaska

USA Statutes : alaska
Title : Military Affairs, Veterans, and Disasters
Chapter : Chapter 03. Division of Recruitment and Retention

The adjutant general shall appoint a director who is at least an administrative officer three.

There is created within the Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs a division of recruitment and retention.

The director shall

(1) take the necessary steps to assure that unemployed guardsmen have the opportunity to acquire employment through the state and federal governments;

(2) keep guardsmen advised of all privileges and benefits available to them from the state and federal governments;

(3) act as a coordinator with the state and federal governments in an effort to increase the availability of education and training programs for guardsmen;

(4) compile a list of guardsmen and their educational and training qualifications and submit it to the federal and state agencies for possible job placement;

(5) prepare a program whereby guardsmen are trained in firefighting and related skills and coordinate this effort with state and federal programs; and

(6) provide counseling service for guardsmen in order to find educational, training, and employment opportunities for them.