Usa Alaska

USA Statutes : alaska
Title : Public Buildings, Works, and Improvements
Chapter : Chapter 05. Administration

Legislative assent to federal aid for the state, including aid given to the state through a department or agency of the federal government, is given. The department may apply for, contract, and do all things necessary to cooperate with the United States Government for the construction of public works under federal Acts.

The department shall adopt regulations that it considers necessary to carry out the purpose of this title. The regulations may not conflict with AS 36.30 (State Procurement Code) or the regulations adopted by the Department of Administration under that chapter.

The department has the following powers and duties:

(1) direct approved public works planning and construction;

(2) employ assistants and employees;

(3) certify and approve vouchers;

(4) prepare a departmental budget;

(5) review the annual public works program.

The department is responsible for the planning and construction of public works except as provided for court facilities in AS 22.05.025 . Contracts for planning and construction of public works are governed by AS 36.30 (State Procurement Code).

To the extent that funds are made available by the legislature, the state shall assume 90 percent of the nonfederal costs of planning, land acquisition, construction, and maintenance of flood control projects authorized within the state by the United States before or after June 6, 1971, except that the state shall assume the full share of nonfederally funded costs with respect to those facilities which are primarily state responsibilities, including but not limited to highways and roads, parks and recreation, and fish and game facilities. The state shall participate in federal flood control projects under this section only as to those projects authorized and approved by the department.

The department may

(1) acquire property;

(2) exercise the power of eminent domain;

(3) take immediate possession of real property, or any interest in it under a declaration of taking or by other lawful means;

(4) acquire rights-of-way for present or future use;

(5) dispose of excess property or property rights;

(6) accept and dispose of federal funds or property available for public works construction, maintenance, or equipment;

(7) enter into contracts or agreements relating to public works with the federal government and political subdivisions, and also enter into contracts with a foreign government if approved by the federal government;

(8) exercise any other power necessary to carry out the purpose of this title;

(9) lease or grant land or any interest in land to the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation for a purpose set out in AS 18.55.100 - 18.55.960 on terms and conditions prescribed by the department;

(10) procure directly materials, labor, and contractual services for planning, designing, and constructing public facilities of the state.