Usa Alaska

USA Statutes : alaska
Title : Public Land
Chapter : Chapter 07. Clearing and Draining of Agricultural Land

The commissioner shall, guided by recommendations of the U.S. Soil Conservation Service, adopt regulations necessary to carry out the purpose of this chapter.

In this chapter

(1) 'cleared,' 'clear,' and 'clearing' mean the preparation of the land for planting;

(2) 'commissioner' means the commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources;

(3) 'cropped' means the management of a domestic planting including harvest.

A contract under AS 38.07.010 (a) may provide for payment by the state in the form of land certificates which shall be equivalent to cash in the purchase of land credit from the state. The use of land credit certificates may be applied in the manner prescribed by AS 19.30.090 and regulations adopted under that section.

(a) The commissioner may select areas of state land classified as agricultural and contract for the land to be cleared or drained or both at state expense. In this selection and contracting, the commissioner shall be guided by the recommendations of the U.S. Soil Conservation Service.

(b) The land that is cleared or drained under (a) of this section shall be put up for competitive lease in lots of not less than 320 acres each. Lease payments shall be separately accounted for and may be appropriated to the agricultural revolving loan fund (AS 03.10.040 ).

(a) A lease under AS 38.07.010 (b) shall be for 10 years with an option for a five-year renewal.

(b) Before a lessee can apply for ownership of the land, the lessee must crop the land for at least seven years. If a lessee does not crop the land for at least seven years during the lease, the land shall be open again for competitive lease.

(c) All rent the lessee has paid on the lease less interest on appraised value is to be applied toward the purchase price.

(d) There shall be included in the lease agreement a provision prohibiting more than one farm unit on each half section of land.

(a) An owner of agricultural land, or a lessee from the state of agricultural land, in the general vicinity of the land to be cleared or drained under AS 38.07.010 (a) may apply to the commissioner to have the land cleared or drained or both along with the state land. The applicant's land shall be included in the contract of land to be cleared or drained if, in the discretion of the commissioner, the inclusion is feasible and furthers the agricultural policies of the division of agriculture.

(b) The cost of clearing privately-owned land shall be borne by the landowner. For this purpose, the landowner may borrow money according to the requirements and provisions of AS 03.10 (Alaska Agricultural Loan Act).

(c) The cost of clearing land leased from the state, including but not limited to school land, shall be borne by the state. The lessee shall repay the cost over a 10-year period at five percent interest.