Usa Alaska

USA Statutes : alaska
Title : Revenue and Taxation
Chapter : Chapter 08. Borrowing in Anticipation of Revenues

The commissioner has discretion to determine the necessity for time, amount, and terms of such borrowing. The reasonable exercise of such discretion shall be final and conclusive.

Notes for money borrowed in anticipation of revenues shall be signed by the governor and countersigned by the lieutenant governor. The governor's signature may be a facsimile signature.

Notes authorized to be issued under this chapter shall be sold by the commissioner in the manner and at the price or prices as the commissioner shall determine, at either public or private sale; however, a note may not be sold at less than par and accrued interest.

The commissioner is hereby authorized to borrow money on behalf of the state, when in the judgment of the commissioner it becomes necessary in order to meet appropriations for any fiscal year in anticipation of the collection of the revenues for that year. Money borrowed shall be used only for the purposes and within the amounts of appropriations authorized.

The commissioner shall issue notes for the amounts borrowed in anticipation of the collection of revenues, direct or indirect, for that year. The notes issued by the commissioner under this chapter may be renewed from time to time but all such notes and renewals thereof and the interest thereon shall be paid from revenues by the end of the fiscal year next succeeding the year in which the notes were issued.

Notes issued under this chapter shall, with interest thereon, be paid from revenues in anticipation of the collection of which the same were issued and the full faith, credit, resources, and taxing power of the state are hereby pledged to the payment. To further secure the payment of the notes the commissioner may pledge on behalf of the state such collateral as in the discretion of the commissioner may be necessary to effect such borrowing most advantageous to the state.

(a) There is appropriated each fiscal year from the general fund the amount necessary for the payment of interest on revenue anticipation notes issued under this chapter when the term of those notes measured from the date of issuance to the date of first maturity does not exceed nine months.

(b) The commissioner shall obtain approval of the Legislative Budget and Audit Committee for the expenditure of appropriations made under (a) of this section.

(c) The commissioner shall make available to the legislature by the third Monday of each January a report setting out in detail the amount appropriated from the general fund under this section for the previous fiscal year, the amount anticipated during the current fiscal year, and an amount forecast for the next fiscal year. The commissioner shall notify the legislature that the report is available.