Usa Alaska

USA Statutes : alaska
Title : State Government
Chapter : Chapter 28. Department of Corrections

The commissioner may adopt regulations to carry out or assist in carrying out the powers and duties of the department.

The principal executive officer of the Department of Corrections is the commissioner of corrections.

(a) The Department of Corrections shall administer the state programs of corrections, including

(1) state adult penal institutions;

(2) probation and parole supervision; and

(3) extraditions and detainers.

(b) The department shall, with the approval of the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, adopt standards, by regulation, for rehabilitation programs for perpetrators of domestic violence as defined in AS 18.66.990 and for the approval of those programs. For purposes of AS 12.55.101 , AS 18.66.100 (c), and AS 33.16.150 (f), the department shall approve a program if the department determines that the program meets the standards. Upon application of a program, the department may waive one or more standards and approve the program if the department determines

(1) there is good cause for the waiver;

(2) the safety of victims and children is not compromised by the waiver;

(3) an acceptable alternative is provided by the program.

(c) The department shall establish an automated inmate information system to allow persons to place surcharge telephone calls to obtain information concerning inmates and where they are incarcerated, bail and bond information, and information concerning visiting hours at institutions. A system established under this subsection shall be designed so that

(1) all the costs of the system are, at a minimum, met by the revenues received from calls to the system; and

(2) the revenues received satisfy or defray the costs of establishing and maintaining an automated victim notification system established under AS 12.61.050 .