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USA Statutes : alaska
Title : Trade and Commerce
Chapter : Chapter 88. Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Fund

The Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development shall dispose of property acquired through default or foreclosure of a loan made under this chapter. Disposal shall be made in a manner that serves the best interests of the state, and may include the amortization of payments over a period of years.

(a) The commissioner may sell or transfer at par value or at a premium or discount to any bank or other private purchaser for cash or other consideration the mortgages and notes held by the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development as security for loans made under this chapter.

(b) [Repealed by Sec. 14 ch 122 SLA 1980].

(a) There is established in the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development the alternative energy revolving loan fund to carry out the purposes of this chapter. Loans made under this chapter are to be used to develop means of energy production utilizing energy sources other than fossil or nuclear fuel, including, but not limited to, windmills, water and solar energy devices.

(b) Money in the fund may be used by the legislature to make appropriations for costs of administering this chapter.

(c) On June 30 of each fiscal year the unexpended and unobligated cash balance of the fund that is attributable to loans owned by the fund lapses into the general fund.

(a) There is established, as a special account within the revolving loan fund established under AS 45.88.010 , the foreclosure expense account. This account is established as a reserve from fund equity.

(b) The commissioner of commerce, community, and economic development may expend money credited to the foreclosure expense account when necessary to protect the state's security interest in collateral on loans made under AS 45.88.020 or to defray expenses incurred during foreclosure proceedings after a default by an obligor.

(a) A loan for the development of an alternative energy system under this chapter may not exceed $30,000.

(b) The duration for repayment of the loan may not exceed 20 years.

(c) Loans made under this chapter may be used to finance the cost of purchase, construction, and installation of an alternative energy system or 'centralized multifuel heating systems' which is likely to result in energy conservation or energy cost savings.

(d) All principal and interest payments, and money chargeable to principal or interest that is collected through liquidation by foreclosure or other process on loans made under this chapter, shall be paid into the alternative energy revolving loan fund.

(e) The rate of interest for a loan for an alternative energy system is five percent for the first $15,000 of the loan and 15 percent for the amount of the loan that exceeds $15,000.

(a) The department may

(1) make loans for the purchase, construction, and installation of alternative energy systems;

(2) adopt regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter, including regulations to establish reasonable fees for services provided and charges for collecting the fees;

(3) collect the fees and collection charges established under this subsection.

(b) The department shall develop eligibility standards for loans made under this chapter and adopt guidelines for the determination of loan terms.

(c) The department may not make a loan under this chapter to a person who has a past due child support obligation established by court order or by the child support services agency under AS 25.27.160 - 25.27.220 at the time of application.

(a) In this chapter, 'alternative energy system'

(1) means a source of thermal, mechanical or electrical energy which is not dependent on oil or gas or a nuclear fuel for the supply of energy for space heating and cooling, refrigeration and cold storage, electrical power, mechanical power, or the heating of water;

(2) includes

(A) an alternative energy property as defined by 26 U.S.C. 48(a)(3)(A) (Sec. 301, P.L. 95-618, Internal Revenue Code);

(B) a method of architectural design and construction which provides for the collection, storage and use of direct radiation from the sun;

(C) a woodstove with a catalytic converter or a catalytic converter for a wood stove; and

(D) a steam, hot water, or ducted hot air central heating system that uses wood or coal for fuel;

(3) does not include

(A) a stove that uses only wood, coal or oil for fuel; or

(B) a fireplace or fireplace insert.

(b) Notwithstanding any other provision in this chapter, a multifuel heating system that uses the combination of wood or fossil fuel for fuel does qualify under this loan fund.