Usa Alaska

USA Statutes : alaska
Title : Water, Air, Energy, and Environmental Conservation
Chapter : Chapter 39. Coastal Management Administration

In this chapter, unless the context requires otherwise, 'department' means the Department of Natural Resources.

Repealed or Renumbered


Repealed or Renumbered

(a) The Department of Natural Resources shall render, on behalf of the state, all federal consistency determinations and certifications authorized by 16 U.S.C. 1456 (Sec. 307, Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972), and each conclusive state consistency determination when a project requires a permit, lease, or authorization from two or more state resource agencies.

(b) The department may adopt regulations necessary to implement this chapter.

(c) In this section,

(1) 'render' means to coordinate and issue;

(2) 'resource agency' means

(A) the Department of Environmental Conservation;

(B) the Department of Fish and Game; or

(C) the Department of Natural Resources.

In conformity with 16 U.S.C. 1451 - 1464 (Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972), as amended, the department shall

(1) develop statewide standards for the Alaska coastal management program, and criteria for the preparation and approval of district coastal management plans in accordance with AS 46.40;

(2) establish continuing coordination among state agencies to facilitate the development and implementation of the Alaska coastal management program; in carrying out its duties under this paragraph, the department shall initiate an interagency program of comprehensive coastal resource planning for each geographic region of the state;

(3) assure continued provision of data and information to coastal resource districts to carry out their planning and management functions under the program.

The department may

(1) apply for and accept grants, contributions, and appropriations, including application for and acceptance of federal funds that may become available for coastal planning and management;

(2) contract for necessary services;

(3) consult and cooperate with

(A) persons, organizations, and groups, public or private, interested in, affected by, or concerned with coastal area planning and management;

(B) agents and officials of the coastal resource districts of the state, and federal and state agencies concerned with or having jurisdiction over coastal planning and management;

(4) take any reasonable action necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter or AS 46.40.