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Title 17-A - §1341. Assessment of reimbursement fee against prisoners

Part 3:

§1341. Assessment of reimbursement fee against prisoners

1. Assessment. When a person is sentenced to incarceration in a county jail, the sentencing court shall consider and may assess as part of the sentence a reimbursement fee to help defray the expenses of the offender's room and board. The fee may not exceed the cost of incarcerating the offender or $80 per day, whichever is less. Any reimbursement fee assessed must be collected by the county treasurer of the county in which the offender is incarcerated, paid into the treasury of that county and credited to the county responsible for paying for the incarceration of the offender. [1997, c. 88, §1 (amd).]

2. Evidence. The court, in determining whether a reimbursement fee as set out in subsection 1 is to be assessed and in establishing the amount of that fee, shall consider evidence relevant to the offender's ability to pay that fee, including, but not limited to, the factors set forth in section 1325, subsection 2, paragraph D, subparagraphs (1) to (5). The court shall not consider as evidence the following:

A. Joint ownership, if any, that the offender may have in real property; [1985, c. 752, §1 (new).]

B. Joint ownership, if any, that the offender may have in any assets, earnings or other sources of income; and [1985, c. 752, §1 (new).]

C. The income, assets, earnings or other property, both real and personal, owned by the offender's spouse or family. [1985, c. 752, §1 (new).]

[1985, c. 752, §1 (new).]

3. Amount of fee. After considering all relevant evidence on the issue of the offender's ability to pay under subsection 2, the court may enter, as part of its sentence a reimbursement fee that shall be paid by the offender for his incarceration in the county jail. The fee shall bear a reasonable relationship to the offender's ability to pay. Upon petition by the offender, the amount may be modified to reflect any changes in the financial status of the offender. [1985, c. 752, §1 (new).]
If an offender is sentenced to pay a reimbursement fee, the court may grant permission for the payment to be made within a specified time or in specified installments. If no such permission is embodied in the sentence, the reimbursement fee shall be payable forthwith. [1985, c. 752, §1 (new).] div>
An offender who has been sentenced to pay a reimbursement fee and who has defaulted in payment of the fee shall be returned to court for further disposition. [1985, c. 752, §1 (new).]

Section History:
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Ch. 752,
§1 (NEW).
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