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Chapter : Great lakes protection fund
116Q.01 Great Lakes protection fund.
The Great Lakes protection fund has been created by the governors of the eight Great Lakes states as a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the state of Illinois. The fund is a permanent endowment whose purpose is to advance the principles, goals, and objectives of the Great Lakes toxic substances control agreement executed by the governors of the eight Great Lakes states in May 1986 and to ensure the continuous development of needed scientific information, new cleanup technologies, and innovative methods of managing pollution problems as a cooperative effort in the Great Lakes region. The governor may enter this state as a member of the Great Lakes protection fund and do all things necessary or incidental to participate in the fund, as spelled out in its articles of incorporation, filed with the Illinois secretary of state on or about September 26, 1989, and its bylaws, as amended through September 26, 1989. If congressional consent to the Great Lakes protection fund carries with it conditions that materially change the provisions agreed to by the party states, this state reserves the option to terminate further participation in the fund.
116Q.02 State receipts from the fund.
Subdivision 1. Great Lakes protection account. Any money received by the state from the Great Lakes protection fund, whether in the form of annual earnings or otherwise, must be deposited in the state treasury and credited to a special Great Lakes protection account. Money in the account must be spent only as specifically appropriated by law for protecting water quality in the Great Lakes. Approved purposes include, but are not limited to, supplementing in a stable and predictable manner state and federal commitments to Great Lakes water quality programs by providing grants to finance projects that advance the goals of the regional Great Lakes toxic substances control agreement and the binational Great Lakes water quality agreement.
Subd. 2. LCMR review. The legislature intends not to appropriate money from the Great Lakes protection account until projects have been reviewed and recommended by the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources. A work plan must be prepared for each project for review by the commission. The commission must recommend specific projects to the legislature.

USA Statutes : minnesota