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USA Statutes : minnesota
Chapter : Court commissioners
489.01 Election; term; office abolished.
Subdivision 1. Office abolished. The office of court commissioner is abolished. No vacancy in the office of court commissioner shall be filled.
Subd. 2. Incumbents. Persons holding the office of court commissioner in all counties except Ramsey County may continue to serve until the incumbent's term of office expires. The person holding the office of court commissioner on January 1, 1981, in Ramsey County may continue to serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority under the terms and conditions of this appointment.
Subd. 3. Court commissioner. In each county in the state there shall be elected at the general election in 1918 a court commissioner. The term of office of the court commissioner shall be four years and begin on the first Monday in January next succeeding the election. One person may hold at the same time the offices of court commissioner and probate judge.
489.02 Qualification; powers.
Court commissioners shall have and may exercise the judicial powers of a judge of the district court at chambers. Among other powers conferred by law, they are empowered to issue writs of habeas corpus, to take acknowledgments of deeds and other written instruments, to take depositions and certify to the same, to perform the marriage ceremony, to take disclosures in garnishment proceedings pending in the district court, and orders for the examination of judgment debtors in proceedings supplementary to execution may be made returnable before the court commissioner.
489.03 Oath.
Before entering upon duties, each court commissioner shall deliver an oath of office to the county recorder who shall record it.
489.04 Records; court commissioner.
The court commissioner shall keep a record of all proceedings in books procured at the expense of the county, and shall be supplied with necessary stationery, which books and unused stationery shall be delivered to a successor.
489.05 Repealed, 1Sp1981 c 4 art 3 s 8

USA Statutes : minnesota