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Chapter : Capitol complex security
299E.01 Capitol Complex Security Division.
Subdivision 1. Created; director. A division in the Department of Public Safety to be known as the Capitol Complex Security Division is under the supervision and control of the director of Capitol complex security, who must be a member of the State Patrol and to whom are assigned the duties and responsibilities described in this section. The commissioner may place the director's position in the unclassified service if the position meets the criteria of section 43A.08, subdivision 1a.
Subd. 2. Responsibilities. The division shall be responsible for security and public information services in the Capitol complex of state-owned buildings; it shall provide such personnel as are required by the circumstances to insure the orderly conduct of state business and the convenience of the public.
Subd. 3. Powers and duties transferred. All powers, duties and responsibilities heretofore assigned by law to the commissioner of administration relating to the general function of security in such state-owned buildings are hereby transferred to the commissioner of public safety.
Subd. 4. MS 1969 Repealed, Ex1971 c 48 s 8 subd 3
Subd. 4. Capitol complex. For purposes of this section, the Capitol complex of state-owned buildings shall be as defined in chapter 15B, and acts amendatory thereof and such other state-owned or state-leased buildings and property within the Twin Cities metropolitan area as the governor from time to time may designate.
Subd. 5. Legislative intent. Nothing in this section shall be construed to conflict with the power of the legislature to appoint and assign such personnel and equipment as it deems necessary for the conduct of its business.
Subd. 6. Vehicle towing. Towing policy and practice for vehicles in public parking spaces within the Capitol complex must conform to provisions of section 169.041. 299E.02 Contract services; appropriation.
Fees charged for contracted security services provided by the Capitol Complex Security Division of the Department of Public Safety are annually appropriated to the commissioner of public safety to administer and provide these services.
299E.03 MS 2003 Supp Expired, 1Sp2003 c 19 art 2 s 55

USA Statutes : minnesota