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USA Statutes : nevada
Chapter : CHAPTER 69 - COSTS

      1.  The justice may in all cases require a deposit of money to
cover costs of court before issuing the summons.

      2.  When the plaintiff in an action is a nonresident of the State
of Nevada, or a foreign corporation, upon motion of the opposite party at
any time before final judgment such nonresident shall be required to give
security for all costs and charges that may be awarded against him or it.
When such security shall be required from a nonresident plaintiff all
proceedings in the action shall be stayed until an undertaking executed
by two or more persons and approved by the justice shall be filed with
the justice to the effect that they will pay such costs and charges as
may be awarded against such nonresident plaintiff by judgment or during
the progress of the action. The undertaking shall be in a sum not less
than $100, or in lieu of the undertaking the nonresident plaintiff may
deposit $100 in lawful money with the justice, which shall be held
subject to the conditions mentioned in this section for the undertaking.
When such security shall be ordered from a nonresident plaintiff, it
shall be furnished within 30 days from notice of the order, or upon
failure to furnish such security, judgment shall be entered for the

      3.  A new or additional undertaking or deposit of cash may be
ordered by the justice at any time upon proof that the original
undertaking or deposit is insufficient and proceedings stayed for a
nonresident plaintiff until the same be furnished or judgment entered.
After the lapse of 30 days from notice to a nonresident plaintiff that
security has been ordered as required by this subsection and upon proof
that no such undertaking or deposit of cash has been made, the justice
shall enter judgment against such plaintiff.

      [1911 CPA § 870; A 1917, 424; NCL § 9359]
 The prevailing
party in Justice Courts is entitled to costs of the action, and also of
any proceedings taken by him in aid of an execution issued upon any
judgment recovered therein.

      [1911 CPA § 871; RL § 5813; NCL § 9360]
 The prevailing party in any civil action at law
in the Justice Courts of this State shall receive, in addition to the
costs of court as now allowed by law, a reasonable attorney fee. The
attorney fee shall be fixed by the justice and taxed as costs against the
losing party.

      [Part 1911 CPA § 872; A 1921, 89; 1925, 331; 1937, 30; 1931 NCL §

      1.  The justice must tax and include in the judgment the costs
allowed by law to the prevailing party.

      2.  The party in whose favor judgment is rendered and who claims
his costs must deliver to the justice, and serve a copy upon the adverse
party, within 2 days after the verdict or notice of the decision of the
justice, or such further time as may be granted, a memorandum of the
items of his costs and necessary disbursements in the action, which
memorandum must be verified by the oath of the party or his attorney or
agent or by the clerk of his attorney, stating that to the best of his
knowledge and belief the items are correct and that the disbursements
have been necessarily incurred in the action. He shall be entitled to
recover the witness fees, although at the time he may not have actually
paid them.

      3.  Issuance or service of subpoena shall not be necessary to
entitle the prevailing party to tax as costs witness fees and mileage,
providing that such witnesses be sworn and testify in the cause.

      4.  It shall not be necessary to embody in the memorandum the fees
of the justice, but the justice shall add the same according to his fees
fixed by statute.

      5.  Within 2 days after service of a copy of the memorandum, the
adverse party may move the court, upon 2 days’ notice to retax and settle
the costs, a copy of which notice of motion shall be filed and served
upon the prevailing party claiming costs, and thereupon the justice shall
settle the costs.

      6.  If the judgment is entered by default it shall not be necessary
to make service of a copy of the cost bill.

      [1911 CPA § 836; A 1913, 364; 1925, 15; NCL § 9325]
 In the event of an appeal the district court
is authorized to award to the prevailing party all costs of court as now
allowed by law incurred by such party, and also a reasonable attorney fee
to be fixed and allowed by the district court for all services rendered
in behalf of the prevailing party.

      [Part 1911 CPA § 872; A 1921, 89; 1925, 331; 1937, 30; 1931 NCL §

USA Statutes : nevada