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USA Statutes : nevada

      1.  County clerks shall be elected by the qualified electors of
their respective counties.

      2.  County clerks shall be chosen by the electors of their
respective counties at the general election in 1922, and at the general
election every 4 years thereafter, and shall enter upon the duties of
their respective offices on the first Monday of January subsequent to
their election.

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      1.  Each county clerk shall, before entering upon the duties of his

      (a) Take the oath prescribed by law.

      (b) Execute to the county a penal bond in the sum of $10,000,
conditioned for the faithful discharge of the duties of his office, which
bond must be approved by the district judge and recorded in the office of
the county recorder, unless a blanket fidelity bond is furnished by the

      2.  In all counties where the county clerk is ex officio county
recorder, the official bond of the county clerk must be recorded in the
manner and place as provided in subsection 1, and immediately thereafter
must be deposited for safekeeping in the office of the county treasurer.

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[1:66:1891; C § 2352; RL § 2887; NCL § 4914]—(NRS A 1979, 288; 2001, 1733

      1.  All county clerks may appoint deputies, who are authorized to
transact all official business pertaining to the office to the same
extent as their principals. A deputy must be at least 18 years of age.
The appointment of a deputy must not be construed to confer upon that
deputy policymaking authority for the office of the county clerk or the
county by which the deputy is employed.

      2.  County clerks are responsible on their official bonds for all
official malfeasance or nonfeasance of their deputies. Bonds for the
faithful performance of their official duties may be required of deputies
by county clerks.

      3.  All appointments of deputies under the provisions of this
section must be in writing and must, together with the oath of office of
the deputies, be recorded in the office of the recorder of the county
within which the principal legally holds and exercises his office.
Revocations of such appointments must be recorded in the same manner.
From the time of the recording of the appointments or revocations,
persons shall be deemed to have notice of the appointment or revocation.

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 County clerks shall
keep an office at the county seat of their county which shall be kept
open in accordance with the provisions of NRS 245.040 .

      [Part 1:178:1907; A 1929, 255; 1955, 6, 471]

      1.  The county clerk shall be ex officio clerk of the board of
county commissioners, and also clerk of the district court of his county.

      2.  He shall perform such duties as clerk of the district court and
clerk of the board of county commissioners, as required by law, and all
other duties required by any other law of this state.

      [Part 1:108:1866; B § 2599; BH § 1636; C § 1782; RL § 2765; NCL §
4765] + [Part 4:82:1861; A 1933, 149; 1931 NCL § 2191]
 If the
board of county commissioners adopts, repeals or amends an ordinance
concerning a criminal offense, the county clerk shall mail a copy of the
ordinance as adopted, repealed or amended to the Court Administrator.

      (Added to NRS by 1991, 1557)

      1.  Each county clerk is authorized to use a facsimile signature
produced through a mechanical device in place of his handwritten
signature whenever the necessity may arise and upon approval of the board
of county commissioners, subject to the following conditions:

      (a) That the mechanical device shall be of such nature that the
facsimile signature may be removed from the mechanical device and kept in
a separate secure place.

      (b) That the use of the facsimile signature shall be made only
under the direction and supervision of the county clerk whose signature
it represents.

      (c) That all of the mechanical device shall at all times be kept in
a vault, securely locked, when not in use, to prevent any misuse of the

      2.  No facsimile signature produced through a mechanical device
authorized by the provisions of this section shall be combined with the
signature of another officer.

      (Added to NRS by 1959, 407)
 The several county clerks, who are ex officio clerks of
the district courts, and who are or may be authorized and empowered by
any act of Congress to take and certify affidavits, applications and
proofs for or relating to the location of the public lands of the United
States, may not retain for their own use the fees and compensations
allowed for such services but shall deposit the same in the county
general fund.

      [1:83:1901; RL § 1614; NCL § 2090]—(NRS A 1969, 1463)

USA Statutes : nevada