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 The office of county surveyor is
hereby created.

      [Part 1:64:1861; A 1862, 32; 1949, 144; 1943 NCL § 2164]
 The board of county commissioners may
appoint a county surveyor who serves at the pleasure of the board to
perform surveying and such other services for the county as the board
determines appropriate.

      [Part 1:64:1861; A 1862, 32; 1949, 144; 1943 NCL § 2164] + [Part
1:108:1866; B § 2599; BH § 1636; C § 1782; RL § 2765; NCL § 4765] + [Part
9:108:1866; B § 2607; BH § 1644; C § 1790; RL § 2773; NCL § 4773]—(NRS A
1973, 317; 1997, 271)
 No person may be appointed as a
county surveyor unless he is a professional land surveyor licensed
pursuant the provisions of chapter 625 of NRS.

      (Added to NRS by 1959, 85; A 1973, 317; 1989, 789; 1997, 271, 1062)
 Each county surveyor, before entering
upon the duties of his office, shall:

      1.  Take and subscribe to the oath of office.

      2.  Execute to the State of Nevada a bond in the penal sum of not
less than $500 nor more than $5,000, the amount thereof to be determined
by the board of county commissioners. The bond shall be supplied in
accordance with the provisions of chapter 282
of NRS and shall be approved by the board of county commissioners.

      [Part 2:64:1861; A 1883, 45; 1949, 144; 1943 NCL § 2165]—(NRS A
1977, 150)
 Vacancies in the office of county surveyor
shall be filled as in the case of other county officers.

      [6:64:1861; A 1949, 144; 1943 NCL § 2169]
 The county surveyor shall keep his office at
the county seat.

      [Part 1:64:1861; A 1862, 32; 1949, 144; 1943 NCL § 2164]

      1.  The board of county commissioners shall pay to each county
surveyor appointed pursuant to NRS 255.020 :

      (a) A salary set by the board; or

      (b) In lieu of a salary, fair and reasonable compensation in
connection with each survey ordered by the board, or for other services
performed by him for the county, when he has been authorized to perform
the services.

      2.  The county surveyor is entitled to receive, in addition to the
salary or compensation allowed by subsection 1, mileage for
transportation necessary to fulfill his duties as determined by the board
of county commissioners, at the rate for such mileage as is provided by
law to be allowed to county officers.

      3.  Except when the county surveyor is paid a salary, the county
surveyor shall file with the clerk of the board of county commissioners a
proper statement of account for all services he performs, and for all
allowances claimed by him for mileage, duly acknowledged as provided by
law for filing claims for payment of accounts due from the county.

      [13a:64:1861; added 1949, 144; 1943 NCL § 2174.02]—(NRS A 1997, 271)
 The county surveyor may
appoint deputy surveyors, who shall severally take and subscribe to the
oath of office, and for the faithful performance of whose duties he shall
be responsible.

      [3:64:1861; B § 3058; BH § 2212; C § 2363; RL § 1666; NCL § 2166]
 The certificate
of the county surveyor, or any of his deputies, shall be submitted as
legal evidence in any court of this state, but the same may be subject to
be rebutted by other evidence. Surveys made by the mutual consent of
parties may also be admitted as legal evidence in any court of this
state; but this section shall not be so construed as to exclude the
testimony of other surveyors or engineers.

      [4:64:1861; B § 3059; BH § 2213; C § 2364; RL § 1667; NCL § 2167]
 When it shall appear that the county surveyor is
interested in any tract of land, the title of which is in dispute before
any court, and a survey of which is necessary, the court shall direct the
survey to be made by some capable and disinterested person, who shall
return such survey on oath or affirmation, and shall receive for his
services a fair and reasonable compensation.

      [5:64:1861; B § 3060; BH § 2214; C § 2365; RL § 1668; NCL § 2168]
 The county surveyor, either by himself or one of his
deputies, shall execute any survey that may be required by order of any
court, or upon the order or at the direction of the board of county

      [7:64:1861; A 1949, 144; 1943 NCL § 2170]

      1.  The county surveyor shall:

      (a) Keep a correct and fair record of all surveys made by him in
his official capacity, or by his deputies acting in his stead, in the
form of original field notes in field books to be provided by the county
for that purpose.

      (b) Number such surveys progressively.

      (c) Make and preserve a fair and accurate record map of each
survey, drawn in waterproof ink on tracing cloth or produced by the use
of other materials of a permanent nature generally used for that purpose
in the engineering profession, endorsing thereon its proper number and
his official certificate of survey.

      (d) Obtain maps of mining claims, mill sites and tunnel rights
recorded with the county recorder and prepare a county mining claim map
which must accurately reflect the location of all such claims. A county
surveyor shall not refuse to accept a map submitted by the locator of the
mine, nor shall he prepare a map in lieu of one submitted by the locator,
unless he can affirmatively show that the map submitted does not
accurately reflect the location of all of the claims.

      2.  All records of surveys required by this chapter must be
transmitted by him to his successor in office.

      3.  Field notes and records maps must be available for copying to
any person requiring a copy of the field notes or records maps.

      [8:64:1861; A 1949, 144; 1943 NCL § 2171]—(NRS A 1960, 136; 1971,
2196; 1973, 868; 2001, 1746 )
 In all

      1.  The courses shall be expressed according to the true meridian.

      2.  The variation of the magnetic meridian from the true meridian
shall be expressed on the plat with the year, month and day of the survey.

      [9:64:1861; B § 3064; BH § 2218; C § 2369; RL § 1672; NCL § 2172]

      1.  Before a subdivision plat is accepted by a board of county
commissioners pursuant to law, the subdivision plat must be submitted to
and certified as to its correctness and eligibility for recording by the
county surveyor, or his deputy, if there is one qualified to act in the

      2.  Reasonable fees based on work done by the county surveyor or
his deputy must be paid to the county by the subdivider.

      [13:64:1861; added 1949, 144; 1943 NCL § 2174.01]—(NRS A 1997, 272)

USA Statutes : nevada