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USA Statutes : nevada
 As used in this chapter unless the
context otherwise requires:

      1.  “Adoption” means the putting of an employee suggestion into

      2.  “Board” means the Merit Award Board.

      3.  “Employee suggestion” means a proposal by a state employee
which would:

      (a) Reduce or eliminate state expenditures; or

      (b) Improve the operation of State Government.

      4.  “Merit award” means an award to a state employee for an adopted
suggestion in the form of either the Governor’s certificate of
commendation or a cash payment.

      5.  “State employee” means any person employed by a state agency
who is not the head of the department.

      (Added to NRS by 1967, 1065; A 1977, 452; 2001, 1311 )

      1.  There is hereby established a Merit Award Program for state

      2.  The award shall be designated as the Governor’s Award for
Achievement of Excellence in State Service.

      (Added to NRS by 1967, 1065)

      1.  The controlling authority of the Merit Award Program is the
Merit Award Board.

      2.  The Board must be composed of five members as follows:

      (a) Two members of the State of Nevada Employees Association
designated by the executive committee of that association.

      (b) One member from the Budget Division of the Department of
Administration appointed by the Chief of the Budget Division.

      (c) One member from the Department of Personnel appointed by the
Director of the Department.

      (d) One member appointed by and representing the Governor.

      3.  The member from either the Budget Division of the Department of
Administration or from the Department of Personnel must serve as the
Secretary of the Board.

      4.  The Board shall adopt regulations for transacting its business
and carrying out the provisions of this chapter.

      5.  Within the limits of legislative appropriations, the Board may
expend up to $1,000 per year on expenses relating to the operation of the

      (Added to NRS by 1967, 1065; A 1975, 190; 1981, 1684; 1983, 639;
1991, 1829)
 The Board shall investigate, review and evaluate the
merits of each recommendation proposed.

      (Added to NRS by 1967, 1066)

      1.  Every state employee is eligible to offer an employee

      2.  To be eligible for an award an employee must propose a change
which is not currently under active consideration by the state agency

      3.  If duplicate suggestions are submitted, only the first
suggestion received is eligible for an award.

      (Added to NRS by 1967, 1066; A 1991, 1830)

      1.  Employee suggestions shall be submitted in writing to the Board.

      2.  The Board may establish such additional standards for
submission of suggestions as it deems proper.

      3.  The Secretary of the Board shall receive, record and
acknowledge receipt of suggestions, and shall notify the suggestor of any
undue delays in the consideration of his suggestion.

      4.  Suggestions shall be referred at once to the state agency or
agencies affected for consideration. Within 30 days the agency shall
report its findings and recommendations to the Board. The agency report
shall indicate:

      (a) Whether a suggestion has been adopted.

      (b) If adopted, the day on which a suggestion was placed in effect.

      (c) If adopted, any actual or estimated reduction, elimination or
avoidance of expenditures or improvement in operations made possible by
an employee’s suggestion.

      (d) If rejected, the reasons for rejection.

      5.  The Board shall review agency findings and recommendations and
may obtain additional information or take such other action as is
necessary for prompt, thorough and impartial consideration of each

      6.  The Board shall evaluate each suggestion, taking into
consideration agency action, staff recommendations and the objectives of
the Merit Award Program. For each suggestion eligible for an award the
Board shall formulate an official recommendation covering the merit of
the suggestion, and the amount of recommended award.

      (Added to NRS by 1967, 1066)

      1.  Insofar as it may be equitable and practicable, the amount of
the cash award allowed for an employee’s suggestion must be predicated
upon the savings to the State. No cash award may exceed $500.

      2.  Cash payments to employees arising out of adopted suggestions
must be paid from money appropriated by the Legislature for that purpose.

      3.  No more than $5,000 each fiscal year may be distributed as cash
payments to employees pursuant to NRS 285.010 to 285.070 ,

      (Added to NRS by 1967, 1067; A 1975, 190; 1991, 1830)

      1.  The Governor or head of a state agency may present service
awards to state employees if:

      (a) The cost of each award does not exceed the amount established
by the State Board of Examiners; and

      (b) The Office of the Governor or the agency has sufficient funds
available for such awards.

      2.  The State Board of Examiners shall establish by regulation a
maximum amount of money that the Governor or the head of a state agency
may spend on a service award pursuant to this section.

      3.  As used in this section, “service award” means a suitable
symbol, other than money, for faithful and exceptional public service.

      (Added to NRS by 1977, 452; A 2001, 1311 )

USA Statutes : nevada