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USA Statutes : nevada
Title : Title 34 - EDUCATION
 As used in this chapter, unless the
context requires otherwise:

      1.  “Basic textbook” or “textbook” means any medium or manual of
instruction, including, without limitation, software for computers,
containing a presentation of the principles of a subject and used as a
basis of instruction.

      2.  “Supplemental textbook” means any medium or material,
including, without limitation, software for computers, used to reinforce
or extend a basic program of instruction.

      3.  A basic or supplemental textbook becomes “unserviceable” when 4
years have elapsed since its removal from the adopted list.

      (Added to NRS by 1967, 168; A 1981, 413; 1999, 3388 )


      1.  The State Board shall make the final selection of all textbooks
to be used in the public schools in this state, except for charter
schools. If a textbook proposed for selection is in a subject area for
which standards of content have been established by the Council to
Establish Academic Standards for Public Schools pursuant to NRS 389.520
, the State Board shall not select the
textbook unless the State Board determines that the textbook adequately
supports the standards for that subject area.

      2.  A textbook must not be selected by the State Board pursuant to
subsection 1 for use in the public schools in classes in literature,
history or social sciences unless it accurately portrays the cultural and
racial diversity of our society, including lessons on the contributions
made to our society by men and women from various racial and ethnic

      [313:32:1956]—(NRS A 1967, 171; 1981, 413; 1989, 2102; 1997, 1871;
1999, 3389 )

      1.  The State Board may make such contracts for the purchase and
use of textbooks in the name of the State as it deems necessary for the
interests of the public schools.

      2.  Contracts must:

      (a) Set forth the introductory, exchange and retail price of each
textbook, which must not exceed the lowest price the publisher has
charged for the same textbook anywhere in the continental United States
for similar quantities exclusive of shipping costs.

      (b) Guarantee that there is no subversive or sectarian doctrine, as
determined by the laws of Nevada and the United States, in any of the
textbooks covered by the contract.

      [315:32:1956]—(NRS A 1967, 171; 1981, 413)

 Boards of trustees of school
districts in this state shall enforce in the public schools, excluding
charter schools, the use of textbooks prescribed and adopted by the State

      [321:32:1956]—(NRS A 1967, 171; 1997, 1871)

      1.  Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, the textbooks
adopted by the State Board must be used in the public schools in this
state, and no other books may be used as basic textbooks.

      2.  This section does not prohibit:

      (a) The continued use of such textbooks previously approved until
they become unserviceable.

      (b) The use of supplemental textbooks purchased by a school
district with the approval of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

      (c) After approval by the State Board, the temporary use of
textbooks for tryout purposes.

      (d) A charter school from using textbooks other than those adopted
for use by the State Board.

      3.  Any school officer or teacher who violates the provisions of
this chapter, or knowingly fails to follow the regulations of the State
Board relating to use of textbooks shall be punished by a fine of not
more than $250.

      4.  All superintendents, principals, teachers and school officers
are charged with the execution of this section.

      [322:32:1956]—(NRS A 1967, 171, 564; 1979, 1467, 1600; 1981, 413;
1997, 1871)

USA Statutes : nevada