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USA Statutes : nevada
Title : Title 49 - AGRICULTURE

      1.  A statewide mining, petroleum and industrial exhibition, to be
known as the Nevada Fair of Mineral Industries, shall be held at Ely,
Nevada, annually, under the administration of the District Board of
Agriculture of Agricultural District No. 13, and may, at the discretion
of the Board, be held in connection with an agricultural district
exhibition to include other fields of endeavor.

      2.  In addition to its other responsibilities, the Agricultural
District shall use all suitable means to collect and disseminate,
throughout the State, information calculated to educate and benefit the
mineral industries within the State of Nevada, including the petroleum

      [1:302:1955]—(NRS A 1979, 794)

      1.  The State Advisory Board of Trustees for the Trust Relating to
the Fairground, consisting of ten members appointed by the Governor, is
hereby created.

      2.  The Governor shall appoint:

      (a) As representatives of the Nevada State Fair Board, its
President and Manager.

      (b) As representatives of the Reno Rodeo Association, its President
and Vice President.

      (c) A representative of the 4-H Club Leaders’ Council.

      (d) A representative of the Nevada Junior Livestock Show Board.

      (e) A member of the Legislature.

      (f) A representative of the Nevada State Horsemen’s Association.

      (g) A prominent member of one of the cattle breeders’ associations
in the State, to represent those associations.

      (h) A person engaged in a business related to farming or ranching.

      3.  The Board shall review:

      (a) All uses of the real property leased to Washoe County for use
as a fairground.

      (b) Any physical improvements or changes to the facilities at the

Ê to ensure that the use of the property for purposes related to
agriculture and livestock continues in compliance with the trust
provisions imposed upon the conveyance.

      (Added to NRS by 1981, 1363)

USA Statutes : nevada