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Chapter : Chapter 513 Packing Fish and Manufacture of Fish Products
As used in this chapter,
“reduction plant” applies to any plant engaged in the reduction of fish
into fish flour, fish meal, fish scrap, fertilizer, fish oil or other
fish products or by-products.In order that all fish or parts thereof suitable for human
consumption may be conserved and used for that purpose, and to provide
sanitary methods and prevent waste in the use, sale, packing, preserving,
manufacturing, processing or other handling of fish or fish products,
other than salmon, the State Fish and Wildlife Commission may control and
regulate fishing boats, barges, lighters or tenders, receptacles or
vehicles containing fish or fishing gear, fish reduction plants or plants
where fish products are manufactured, in so far as may be necessary to
insure the taking, catching, delivery of fish, canning, packing,
preserving, reduction of and manufacture of fish products or by-products
in a wholesome and sanitary manner, and to prevent deterioration or waste
of any fish. Any
member, assistant or employee of the State Fish and Wildlife Commission,
or duly authorized officer of the state, may enter any canning, packing,
preserving or reduction plant or place of business where fish or other
fish products are packed, preserved, manufactured, bought or sold, or
board and inspect any fishing boat, barge, lighter or tender, receptacle
or vehicle, containing fish, for the purpose of examining any fish or
fish products and to ascertain the amount of fish received, or kind and
amount of fish products packed or manufactured and the number and size of
containers or cans for fish products purchased, received, used or on hand.The State Fish and Wildlife
Commission may:

(1) Control, regulate and establish, by order, the proportion or
percentage of sardines, pilchards, herring or other species of fish other
than salmon, to be used for reduction purposes or the manufacture of fish
flour, fish meal, fish scrap, fertilizer or oil, and may further, through
such order, specifically name or prescribe the particular species of fish
which may be used for reduction purposes, food for animals or other

(2) Exercise full jurisdiction and control over the processing,
packing or preserving of sardines, and prescribe and specify the process
to be used in the canning of such fishes in order to assure a quality
product and prevent the use of certain substitute oils resulting in
inferior grades.CHAPTERS 514 AND 515

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USA Statutes : oregon