Anirudh Salkar

Anirudh Salkar

Goa, India

Advocate Anirudh is an experienced Lawyer in advising proper recourse for every problem in and around Goa.

Years of ​ Experience: 17 Years
Highest Education: LL.B
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He has been providing legal advice and services from the last 17 years. He has worked in different capacities and dealt with several categories of cases. Having practical knowledge of law in practice, drafting and counselling.

Anirudh excels in offering prompt and hassle-free legal services for clients in and around Nizamabad, He provides superior counsel in the field of Civil, Criminal, Labour Disputes ,Matrimonial cases etc



He is hard working innovative and enthusiastic, towards his role in particular and the overall benefit of the clients with major areas of practise as follows

  • Arbitration


  • Civil & Criminal Litigation

    Civil & Criminal Litigation

  • Family & Matrimonial

    Family & Matrimonial


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