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    Hierarchy of Courts in Hyderabad

    The High Court


    Telangana High Court

    9F9F+P6F, High Court Rd, Near Government City College, High Court, Ghansi Bazaar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500066.


    High Court of Telangana, is the high court based in Hyderabad that has original, appellate, and supervisory jurisdiction over all matters and all subordinate courts in the Indian state of Telangana.

    District Courts


    City Civil Court

    9F9H+7G7, Chatta Bazaar, Pathar Gatti, Hyderabad, Telangana 500002


    The City Civil Court in Hyderabad is responsible for taking cognizance of all civil matters that arise within the Hyderabad city limits.

    Metropolitan Sessions Court

    9FV8+J9J, Nampally Criminal Court Road, Devi Bagh, Red Hills, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004


    This court has a separate jurisdiction to that of the City Civil Court as it takes cognizance of matters on the criminal side that arise within the jurisdiction of Hyderabad city.

    CBI Special Courts

    Extended Premises City Criminal Courts complex, Red Hills Rd, Devi Bagh, Red Hills, Nampally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004


    Such courts possess special jurisdiction over matters and cases that involve the Central Bureau of Investigation within the city jurisdiction of Hyderabad. This court has revenue jurisdiction over districts of Adilabad, Hyderabad, Karimnagar, Khammam, Nizamabad, Nalgonda, Medak, Warangal, Ranga Reddy and Mahabubnagar.

    Central Administrative Tribunal

    Central Administrative Tribunal, Hyderabad Bench

    No. 5-10-193, 1st Floor, HACA Bhawan, Opp. Public Gardens, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004


    This court is established for adjudication and resolution of disputes and complaints with respect to recruitment and conditions of service of persons appointed to public services and posts. Jurisdiction extends to the employees of any local or other authorities within the territory of the state of Andhra Pradesh or under the control of the state government.

    State Consumer Disputes

    Telangana State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission

    Eruvaka Building, Opp : Sridhar Function Hall, Anandnagar, Khairatabad,Hyderabad – 500084


    This court has the power to take cognizance of consumer complaints arising within the state of Telangana, wherein the value of the goods and services involved exceeds fifty lakhs but is below two crores.

    District Consumer Disputes

    Hyderabad District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission

    94/B/2, NH65, Chandra Vihar, Old Kattal Mandi, Abids, Hyderabad, Telangana 500001

    This court has the power to take cognizance of consumer complaints arising within the jurisdiction of Hyderabad city, wherein the value of the goods and services involved is less than fifty lakhs.

    Family Court

    Hyderabad Family Court

    9F9H+7G7, Chatta Bazaar, Pathar Gatti, Hyderabad, Telangana 500002

    The family courts in Hyderabad are situated in different complexes. There is a dedicated family court in the City Civil Court and a family court complex in Charminar. Both courts deal with various types of family disputes that arise within the city jurisdiction of Hyderabad.

    Small Causes Court

    Hyderabad Small Causes Court

    9F9H+4QH, Chatta Bazaar, Pathar Gatti, Hyderabad, Telangana 500002

    This court deals with all small cause matters as mentioned in the Telangana Small Causes Courts Act, within its pecuniary and territorial jurisdiction. The act mentions that a Court of Small Causes shall take cognizance of money-suits arising out of a contract other than a contract of marriage, where the value of the suit does not exceed one thousand rupees.

    National Company Law Tribunal

    National Company Law Tribunal, Hyderabad Bench

    Corporate Bhawan ROC Hyderabad, Ground floor, Bandlaguda,Nagole, Tirumala Residency Colony, R Krishnaiah Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500068.


    Hyderabad also has a NCLT  bench for all company law and business related matters and corporate disputes which has jurisdiction over all such disputes arising in the state of Telangana.

    Labour Court

    Labour Court

    9FPF+J98, Chandra Vihar, Old Kattal Mandi, Abids, Hyderabad, Telangana 500001

    The Hyderabad labour court takes cognizance of all labour disputes arising out of industrial establishments under the Industrial Disputes Act and other various labour codes within the Hyderabad City jurisdiction.

    Income Tax Appellate

    Income Tax Appellate Tribunal

    Devi Nagar Colony, Bansilalpet, Bhoiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500003


    All appeals under the direct tax laws are taken cognizance of by the ITAT in Hyderabad. The tribunal rulings can be challenged before the high court. It has jurisdiction over numerous districts in the state of Telangana and jurisdiction over Cuddapah, Anantapur, Kurnool, Nellore, Prakasam, Chittoor in the state of Andhra Pradesh.