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Business Law | 31st March 2022

Complete procedure for Trademark Registration in India

A trademark is a visual representation of a name, word, label, device or numeric characters util

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Employment, Criminal and Labour | 29th April 2022

Trade Unions Act, 1926

The Trade  Unions Act, 1926 provides for registration of trade unions with a view to render

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Employment, Criminal and Labour | 29th April 2022

Rights of an Arrested Person in India

“Every right is a moral as well as legal entitlement to have or do something”Every human

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Immigration, Appeal and Others | 29th April 2022

Police Clearance Certificate in India

Are you planning on immigrating in search of better work opportunities or with plans of settling

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Civil Litigation and Others | 29th April 2022

MRTP Act 1969 -Monopolistic and Restrictive Trade Practice under MRTP act,1969

The Monopolistic and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969, was enactedTo ensure that the operat

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Employment, Criminal and Labour | 29th April 2022

Cognizable Offence - Criminal Procedure Code(CrPC)

The offence in which the police suo motu takes cognizance of a crime and does not need approval

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Mon May 23 2022 | Family Law

Domestic Violence Limitation Period for Complaints

In early April, the Supreme Court dealt with the question of limitation period mentioned under Section 468 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) and its scope and applicability to domestic violenc

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Tue May 03 2022 | National & Social

Phone-Tapping: What does the Law in India Say?

Phone-tapping is the monitoring of internet-based and telephonic conversations by third-parties, including the Government, in a clandestine manner. Phone-tapping is also synonymous

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Tue May 03 2022 | Employment, Criminal and Labour

Domestic Work in India: What empowers the Employer & Employee?

'Instead of paying what was owed to me, they accused me of stealing INR 17,000 from the house. I was beaten up. I fled to the basement of the apartment complex in terror,

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Mon May 02 2022 | National & Social

Social Media Impersonation Definition Violations Reporting

Impersonation (identity theft) on social networks occurs when the image, name, or other elements that mark a person, company, or organization is used for fraudulent purposes. It differs from other

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Wed Apr 27 2022 | HLL Knowledge Series

How To Get a Property Mutated

Mutation is a procedure wherein the new owner of a property gets his/her details updated in the revenue records of the municipal authorities so that he can be charged for the property taxes, etc regar

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Tue Apr 12 2022 | HLL Knowledge Series

How to File a Complaint of Domestic Violence Against Husband and Family

Violence against women has been prevalent in our society since time immemorial. Domestic violence includes any form of violence against women including physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional

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