How To Get a Property Mutated

A mutation certificate is a vital document for a buyer. By getting a property mutated, the rightful owner is charged with respect to property taxes, electricity and water charges etc. A property can be mutated by filing an application with the Tehsildar at Revenue Department along with the necessary ownership documents. The process takes around 30-45 days to complete.

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Mutation is a procedure wherein the new owner of a property gets his/her details updated in the revenue records of the municipal authorities so that he can be charged for the property taxes, etc regarding the said property. Hence, mutation is a process of recording the change in ownership in the revenue records of the municipal authorities. Mutation is often referred to as ‘Dakhil Kharij’ in local areas.

Once the buyer completes all formalities relating to the purchase of property i.e once all the transactions have been concluded and all documents are in place, the buyer must update the details in the revenue records of municipal authorities, to avoid any difficulties in future.  Hence, mutation of a property must mandatorily be done in all situations like buying a property, selling a property, in case property is transferred due to death of owner, inheritance, etc.

If a property is not mutated, it does not mean that the ownership of the new owner will be questioned. It is better to get mutation done so that the rightful owner is charged for the property taxes, electricity and water charges. Mutation also helps a person in selling the property in future, as it reduces the chances of losing a prospective buyer as he/she will most likely ask for the mutation papers.

Procedure for getting a property mutated-

In Delhi, a property can be mutated by approaching the Office of the Tehsildar in whose Jurisdiction the applicant resides. Different applications have to be filled depending on how the applicant is acquiring a property i.e by inheritance or otherwise. The fee for getting a property mutated is different in different states. In some states the procedure also might differ.

 The applicant is required to apply for mutation at the Revenue Department. The application should mention the particulars such as personal information, address of the property, types of transfer etc. in his application. The application fee should be paid via Demand Draft and the same may vary from one State to another. Once the applicant submits all the required documents, the revenue inspector or assessing officer will verify the documents. The officer may also inspect the property and will then process the application. In most cases, a Mutation Certificate is issued after processing the request.

Generally required documents-

The general documents which are required at the time of filing the application for mutation are as below-

  1. Filled in application form
  2. Identification documents like AADHAR, PAN, Voter ID etc.
  3. No Objection Certificate of the legal heirs if the property is being inherited.
  4. NOC from housing society, if applicable.
  5. Copy of sale/gift/ partition deed.
  6. Copy of Will, if applicable.
  7. Application for change of name.
  8. Indemnity bond on stamp paper.
  9. Affidavit mentioning the names of the previous and new owners of the property
  10. Affidavits from all surviving members in case property is transferred due to death of owner.
  11. Till date property tax receipts.

Advantages of getting a property mutated

  1. The mutation certificate helps the authorities in levying property tax from the rightful owner.
  2. A mutation certificate is required when the new owner applies for a water or electricity connection.
  3. A mutation certificate plays an essential role in selling any property.
  4. The mutation records are very helpful in rectifying the errors in the land records or reporting unauthorized transactions against your property.

The municipal authorities typically take 30 to 45 days to update their records regarding the change of ownership and providing a mutation certificate to the new owner. If an applicant’s application has been rejected by the concerned authorities, he can submit the application again within 30 days of rejection.

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