Pulkit Bansal

Pulkit Bansal

Patiala, India

Pulkit is a young lawyer with strong academic credentials committed to provide complete legal solutions with exemplary level of attention to detail in meeting clients legal needs.

Years of ​ Experience: 3 Years
Highest Education: LL.B
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Pulkit believes that providing high-quality service is not only about the legal advice we dispense, but more importantly, it is about the relationship we share with our clients. Hence, he always provides the utmost best legal advice to his clients with all his expertise.

He is practicing at District Courts of Patiala, Mohali and -Fatehgarh Sahib,he is well conversant with civil, criminal, medical jurisprudence, state commission and tribunal cases.



Pulkit Bansal is a reputed lawyer who has build a goodwill with his clients & below are his practice areas.

  • Arbitration


  • Civil & Criminal Litigation

    Civil & Criminal Litigation

  • Legislative government affairs

    Legislative government affairs


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