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Do you wish to seek legal advice from a lawyer of repute? Helpline Law offers Legal Consultation Services in various formats. One of the simpler and quicker ways is to have your questions / matter discussed over email.

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upto 5 year standing Rs. 1500.00
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Above 15 year standing Rs. 5000.00

Compact Disc to be admitted as an evidence

In the Supreme Court of India, Criminal Appellate Jurisdiction, Criminal Appeal no. 1525 OF 2015. Shamsher Singh Verma Vs State of Haryana   more

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Helpline Law has a compendium of legal articles. They are written by legal experts and offer great insights into the legal domain in an easy to understand language for the user. more

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Nominations to Legal Hall of Fame is open currently. You can nominate a Lawyer to have him join the ranks of Legal Luminaries of India. If you are a lawyer and want to be featured among the best in the business, you can nominate yourself. The selection is subject to approval by the editorial board of Helpline Law. more

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How to file consumer complaints in India

With a view to protect the rights and interest of the consumer, the government has come up with Consumer Protection Act. We, at Helpline Law, endevour to help the consumer to take your matter to the logical closure


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Have a Legal Matter ?

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