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Family Law | 29th April 2022

Christian Marriage and Registration Procedure in India

Under the Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872, Christian marriages in India are performed by a M

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Family Law | 29th April 2022

Maternity Leave & Paternity Leave Benefits in India

Maternity and paternity leave is protected time that an employee can take off to care for their

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Family Law

Divorce by Mutual Consent

“Divorce does not mean a failure; it is in fact a step towards self-realization and growth

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Family Law | 29th April 2022

Judicial Separation in India

In India, a marriage ceremony is considered to be one of the most essential and auspicious arrangeme

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Family Law | 29th April 2022

Court Marriage, Procedure, Acts, Eligibility & Age India

A court marriage can take place or be solemnized in the court itself in the presence of a Ma

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Family Law | 29th April 2022

Domestic Violence in India

India has adopted the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

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Family Law

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Domestic Violence Limitation Period for Complaints

In early April, the Supreme Court dealt with the question of limitation period mentioned under Section 468 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) and its scope and applicability to domestic violenc

Legal Guardianship and Custody of Adults with Mental Disabilities

Mental Health Act, 2017 defines a guardian as a person who is appointed to look after another person. They have to assume the care and protection of the person for whom they are appointed as a guardia

Allahabad High Court Examines Whether Minors can Enter into an "Agreement of Marriage"?

The Allahabad High Court in its recent judgment in the case of Sadhna Kumari v. State of U.P. examined whether minors can enter into an agreement to marry and whether such contracts/ agreements can be

Analysing The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Act, 2021

The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Act, 2021 (MTPA 2021) was approved on 16th of March, 2021 thereby amending the provisions of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 (MTPA 1971)

Law of Guardianship in India as per different religions

A guardian is someone who  is in charge of a child's welfare, needs, education, and other basic  requirements. In most instances, a father is the child's natural guardian, and  in his a

New Guidelines on Law of Maintenance, 2020

Maintenance claims may be made under the personal laws of people of various religions, and the proceedings under these personal laws are civil in nature. Section 125 trials, on the other hand,

Things to keep in mind before marrying an NRI

The law intends to discharge certain marital responsibilities because marriage creates roles, conjugal relations, and certain rights between the spouses. In India, conjugal rights are regarded as

What to do if you are being harassed by an NRI spouse or in-laws?

NRI marriages are either as an Indian citizen (when they were legally a 'NRI') or as a citizen of that other country (when they were legally a PIO-a person of Indian origin) between an Indian

The current Legal Framework on Marital Rape in India

Summary: The current article provides a picture of the current laws which may or may not protect married women from rape under the IPC or any other statute and the grounds for punishments, if applicab

Child Custody -What is unlawful custody & remedies for such Unlawful custody

When a couple seeks divorce for various reasons, if the child or children are minors, the legal right to keep and look after the child/ children is called Child Custody. Generally, it pertains to the


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