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The activities in law of Germany and the Philippines, the civil law of contracts, the employment law, the law of succession, as well as the family law etc. Philippin@s and foreigners we can help to get a visa, get married, divorced (included the annulment), purchase real estates, construct the inheritance etc.


Area of Practice

Business and Commercial
Civil Right
Estate Planning
Family Planning
Immigration Law
International Law
Real Estate

Lawyer's Profile


Name: Mr. Atty Georg Michael Steyer


Study of the jurisprudence at the University of Tübingen from 1971 to 1978


30 years experience in German Law practice
Knowledgeable in Philippine Laws
Public service for 30 years
1981: permission as a lawyer/attorney and to the bar. Until August 1982 as an employed lawyer/attorney, then as a single lawyer/attorney actively; primarily criminal law and general civil cases
Until 1986 awarding of a doctorate, thesis "the legal capacity of the natural persons in the Middle Ages" written under Professor Knut-Wolfgang Noerr; for time reasons (enterprise of a one-man law office) cancelled
August until December 1990 as a lawyer/attorney in Saxonia near Leipzig and others in various criminal procedures and with the transformation of agricultural production associations in GmbHs and AGs actively
Linguistic knowledge in Visayas and Tagalog (=Filipino); half-Italian and English

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Clients :

30 years experience in German Law practice, Knowledgeable in Philippine Laws, Public service for 30 years

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